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Developing an effective lift plan prior to work commencing is an essential part of all successful lift operations.


About Lift Plan Australia

With over 25 years of professional experience developing lift plans for some of Australia’s largest crane operations, Lift Plan Australia (LPA) can develop a comprehensive plan for your project, allowing you to minimise costs and increase productivity.

Lift Plan Australia specialises in developing safe, viable lifting solutions prior to project commencement, giving you confidence in execution strategy and outcomes.

As independent contractors, Lift Plan Australia can provide a complete and comprehensive plan, or assist your internal team through peak periods, to ensure your projects remain on time and to budget.


Lift Planning Services

Lift Plan Australia’s services include:
  • Assessing the lifting operation
  • Planning a safe system of work
  • Completing a method statement
  • Assistance obtaining any permits required
  • Illustration of exclusion zones
  • Crane selection & capacity
  • Compile lift study
  • Prepare rigging diagrams

Using CAD software and aerial imagery, we visually represent the project and how we propose the lift be carried out. This will also allow the set up to be reviewed and any potential problems identified and addressed early in the process, prior to the project commencement.

Our lift plans completed prior to work commencing include as required:
  • Site inspections – via site plans or on-site if required
  • Single, dual and multi crane lift design
  • Detailing crane and rigging requirements
  • Ground pressure calculations
  • Transport arrangements and lashing plans
  • Trailer stability calculations
  • Engineered solutions


Engineered Lift Planning Services

Lift Plan Australia also offers engineered lift plans and other engineering solutions.

Our engineering services include:

and rigging

  • Engineered lift and rigging plans
  • Lifting beams design and design verification
  • Outrigger load spreading mats design
  • Crawler load spreading mats design
  • Top and tailing calculations

Heavy haulage and transport

  • Transport plans
  • Route studies
  • SPMTs and conventional trailers stability calculations
  • Swept path analysis for SPMTs and conventional trailers
  • Lashing design

Alternate heavy lift techniques

  • Jacking and skidding studies
  • Hydraulic gantries lift studies
  • Strand jacks tower system lift studies

Barging and
RO RO operation

  • Barge stability checks
  • RO RO operation ballast calculation
  • RO RO operation mooring analysis
  • Sea fastening calculation and design

We can tailor our services to suit a variety of projects. Get in touch to let us know what you need.



Lift Plan Australia is committed to delivering lift plans that prioritise the health and safety of our clients.

With over 25 years of professional experience developing lift plans for some of Australia’s largest crane operations, we have an excellent safety track record. Our comprehensive lift plans mitigate risks and hazards, to support your projects being delivered safely.

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